Belvedere’s Master Rye Distillers draw their expertise from Poland’s 600-year vodka making tradition. In fact, the first reference to vodka in Poland is dated 1405, meaning ‘little water’. Working from a distillery that has been operating since 1910, Belvedere’s Master Rye Distillers have a passion for showcasing the complexity of Polish rye; expertly crafting it into pioneering new spirits that display its potential to impart distinct flavours.

The choice of rye variety, the quality of the water, the processes and techniques used for fermentation, distillation and filtration, the bottle: these set the Belvedere apart from other vodkas in the world. The vodka that has character from the homeland of the vodkas: Poland. The secret of its production is a combination of impeccable quality ingredients of local origin: the characteristic Dankowskie rye and the purest water from the wells in its distillery.

Date of foundation: 1993
Chef de Cave: Benoît Gouez
Address: Polmos Zyrardów Sp. z o.o., Ulica
Mickiewicza 1-3, 96-300 Zyrardow - Poland