Dom Pérignon is only available as vintage champagne. The best grapes are selected. Each vintage is unique and reinterprets the unique nature of the seasons. Every year, Dom Pérignon creates a new one, taking the risk of doing so, even to the point that no new product is released that year.

In the 17th century, the monk Dom Pierre Pérignon nurtured an ambition to create “the best wine in the world”. This bold and visionary mind even went as far as to earn himself a place at the table of the Sun King, who was won over by the quality of his wine.

Three centuries later, Dom Pérignon perpetuates this exceptional artisan’s vision and work, and he is now considered to be the spiritual father of Champagne. Dom Pérignon vintages are produced using the best grapes on the estate. Each one is a unique creation with a style and an identity which are unique to its vintage. This vision is tangible through the subtle balance that characterizes the House Champagnes – an alliance of ripeness, vibrancy, lightness and intensity – giving the wine the potential to age with suppleness and elegance.

Date of foundation: 1668
Chef de Cave: Vincent Chaperon
Address: 9, avenue de Champagne,
51200 Epernay, France